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Jessica Teti Turgoose

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Artist Statement

     In my work, I have always been fascinated by the hidden colors within the shapes and hues of the surrounding world. Inside the light and shadows of nature there is hidden a kaleidoscope.

     I believe it is my responsibility as an artist to help the viewer to see these colors and to open their sensibilities to their existence. Equally, I believe everything created by the forces of nature, possesses an inner light or energy. I have always felt compelled to capture this essence on paper or canvas, thereby bringing it into a two-dimensional existence for the viewer to appreciate. It is what drives me to create and has been all my creative life.

     Within my portraits and landscapes, I endeavor to reveal the essence, the light, the personality and the soul within every subject I paint.

     I use a variety of layers when painting, usually starting with an underpainting of acrylic and lay the pastels colors down over that, not usually blending, but allowing the eyes to mix the colors when viewing my pieces. Sometimes I get them wet, or use more acrylic on the top, sometimes even gesso for its chalky texture. I turned to pastels because drawing is my passion, and with pastels I can have the best of both worlds, between painting and drawing. The texture of pastels is also very appealing to me when I work, and are enough for me in themselves, which is why I choose not to use a heavily textured paper.  I am now considering going back to my oil painting roots, to use them in combination with pastels on a primed surface. Experimenting is still exciting, even after over fifty years of creating art.

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